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The game is a turn-based fantasy strategy/RPG. Players operate their monster-breeding business, tame beasts and mythical creatures, train warriors and sorcerers, forge them into battle teams, and send them to the arena to fight for gold and glory.


At the beginning of the game, choose a city where your base is going to be. Breed creatures, and modify their characteristics through magic and alchemy to make them stronger. You can hire warriors and sorcerers to fight in the arena, but slaves may also be trained for combat. How much risk are you willing to take? Which tournament are you going to enter? Only you decide. You get money if you take part in a tournament, but only the winners receive the glory and extra rewards. But don’t worry, not every combat is mortal – only those that pay well…

Besides battles, the other important feature of the game is managing your enterprise. Develop your base, research magic, and capture rare, mythical creatures. Hire an alchemist to prepare useful magic potions, and a blacksmith to produce unique weapons and armors. Hunters can combat in the arena, but they are also fit for capturing and taming beasts.


- Turn-based arena fight
- Large variety of tournaments
- Tame, breed and train wild animals and monsters
- Use alchemy and magic to modify your beasts
- Find rare and mysterious creatures
- Hire and train warrior and mages
- Forge and enchant weapons and armors
- Research magic
- Upgrade your base
- Manage your enterprise
- Build your reputation


The Monster Breeder Demo.zip 561 MB


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What's up the Dev, why your game stuck in the combat mode, when the try to make the Ai that I have to attack, they does nothing, I couldn't do anything in the game, Fix the mechanical problem. Otherwise this game is not worth playing it

Thank you for letting me know. Can I ask which battle was it, or which character? If I understand correctly, the game stuck at the enemy's turn. I appreciate any information you have.

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Your game get stuck in the battle mode, when you try to command your team to attack, nothing happened. When i try to move the pieces it doesn't move at all. Control in moving around the environment seem junky and move to fast or get stuck. I hope this feedback help.

I uploaded a new demo file. I fixed some minor bugs, including the scroll speed slider in the options menu. You can now adjust the slider if the control is too sensitive or too slow. I spend the last couple of days by testing the demo, but could not reproduce the 'game stuck' you reported. Weird...

thanks for working hard on it dev!! I will check it out. It means a lot to us!!

Looks Great About To Install